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On a recent trip to Miami, Florida, wherein I had the pleasure of meeting numerous interesting people and profiles, including designers, DJ’s, business people, writers, models and photographers, one conversation stuck with me and left me puzzled.

A noted fashion photographer, who will remain anonymous, had so far enjoyed a 30 year-long career, and boasted about his efforts within digital media application, before it became a “thing” 5+ years ago. Proudly exclaiming how Harper’s, Vogue, Elle, V and W had included his stories, he seemed very able to keep up with the trends, despite having gone through and experienced the change first-hand.

That is untill I probed further, interested in his take on the likes of Scott Schuman, Bryanboy, Garance Doré and Tavi becoming the new fashion photographers/ editors/ creative directors/ etc/ etc for so many of fashion’s larger publications , as well as in their own right.

“Who are they?”.

Well Sir – only SOME of the numerous talented people – known as bloggers – that have taken over this industry you work in and have such a digital grasp upon! How could the likes of these talents have gone unnoticed by a seasoned professional – who in some instances had robbed him of a job, reporting directly from Fashion Weeks around the world, on behalf of Vogue, Elle, WWD etc to display on their respective websites.

I was taken aback by the arrogance he portrayed in his casting away of “these people”. But more than find him arrogant I felt sorry for him, as he apparently had no idea that “these people” were slowly out-playing him at his own game. I’m sure he will know “these people” the day they are chosen above him, in a bid for a job.

Luxurious regards

Stephanie Kiens